Wednesday, August 19, 2015

summer, where did you go?!

I am really planning on being more dedicated to this again BUT this summer is moving at warp speed! We closed on our house (after 4 and a half hours, they spelled my name wrong on EVERY document) and I am in the process of unpacking. It's funny how a house can change your outlook on so much, we live in a really quiet neighborhood that you can walk for miles and the house itself is bright and cheerful.

We decided to paint as soon as we moved in. After so many decisions, I thought a bucket of paint would be easy. Well, I was wrong. It took hours of research on google, pinterest, and my favorite interior design blogs to make a decision. We ended up going with Benjamin Moore's Dove White in eggshell for the walls and Dove White in semi gloss for the trim. At first, we were kind of horrified about the amount of money we threw down on paint but it was worth it. Our nasty walls (I had to vacuum the walls in our bedroom, so dirty!) only needed one coat of paint which saved us hours of time and money in the long run.

amber interiors 

I rounded up the sites that helped me decide: 
Good Bones Great Pieces: They gave you the wall AND trim paint color which saved us a lot of time

Amber Interiors: This girl gets white paint, plus she is kind enough to say what color she used in rooms. I was constantly looking at her site when making decisions.

House Beautiful Paint Pinterest Board: They literally have every color on here and when you click it leads you to paint description heaven. I especially like it because often they tell you what size rooms and amount of light the paint color would work for. HUGE win and using it to decide on the colors for other parts of our house.

Style Me Pretty Home: I am actually pretty obsessed with this part of Style Me Pretty in general (hello, nursery inspiration), but this white paint slideshow is the best. It tells you the white paint color and links you to the home tour so you can get an idea from more than just one picture.

After I narrowed it down from ALL the white paint to just Dove White and Brilliant White. I spent time googling the colors and looking on pinterest. It helped me get an idea on what the color looked like in a variety of spaces. Brilliant White was too white for my husband while Dove White has a touch of creamy grey during certain times of the day in our house.

Do you obsess over paint as much as I do?


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