Wednesday, April 16, 2014

time savers

As I am busting this out when I should be leaving for my classroom, I come to you with timesavers. One of the better parts about seeing your bestie is that they always have stuff that you didn't know about annnnd they are willing to share. Kaitlin introduced me to BB brillantine and I am officially obsessed. It makes my hair super shiny and makes my natural hair (limp waves) have a bit of texture. Of course, you never walk into Sephora for one thing (or spend less than 50 dollars for that reason) I decided to try the Pret-a-Powder. I love my dry shampoo, I work out everyday but have no intention of washing my hair after each workout. I was hesitant because it was SO white on my dark hair but holy cow it works. My hair had LOTS of volume and it was particularly dirty but you couldn't even tell. A win in my book. 
On a side note, Sephora can give you a sample of just about anything. Ask for a sample of both!

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