Wednesday, September 11, 2013


Well, hi. The last week and a half have kicked my butt. It had me calling my friends yesterday asking for a refund on an adulthood, it was not as expected. Over Labor Day, teaching jobs became available. I got my hopes up, got my paperwork in ordered, and applied. I got an interview. I was so excited, I spent this past week, researching and hoping. I did all the right things, I was genuine...... and I didn't get the job. I was/am crushed.


They tell you in high school and college if you work hard and play nice, the jobs/opportunities/ ideas will come. In some ways they have, the kids like me ( I tried to threaten to make them eat lunch with me when they didn't behave.....apparently not a punishment) and I do feel like I am making a difference within a school. In other ways, I feel like I am treading water. I keep waiting for someone to pop out to tell me the rest of my life is starting. I guess this is the part they always warn you about, you will always feel 18 but everything else is screaming otherwise. My dad likes to remind me that 24 is not that old and there are time to make mistakes and just be young. So, I guess I am off to find that window that I heard to look for when the door won't open. (and I will be back with a less of a pity party post!) 


  1. Madeleine I can absolutely relate to this! Especially with teaching! It was so incredibly hard to find a job last year, and again this year. I'm sure you're doing everything right! I went through months of self-doubt, and would I get this. Finally, in July I got something! I know you will too, hang in there!!

  2. You'll be that much more prepared the next time you interview. If you are treading water, you're not drowning. A wave will come along soon and sweep you up on the beach of professional happiness (or at least satisfaction). Keep you chin up and those legs moving! Aunty M.


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