Tuesday, June 11, 2013

bedroom revisited

I mean, Alex killed this.

I casually mentioned that I would love a pink headboard for our bedroom over the weekend and to my surprise (as in my eyes opened wide and I told him he couldn't toy with my emotions) Craig said yes!! Before he could change his mind I ordered a sample of linen for the headboard in coral. This is what I was looking for to make the bedroom "click". We will lose a footboard but I have a low, long, gold table that will be perfect for the end of the bed to be able to place books and trays on (I want a bedroom I want to eat breakfast in bed in gosh darnit!). I have changed some things around on my inspiration board. What do you think about the changes and having a pink headboard in a master bedroom? I love any/all input!

snaps of my wedding/prada marfa/swan
robert abbey fabric/paint/pulls/linen fabric/throw/pillow/rug

I actually have not put pulls on our nightstands yet which is great because they are going to have to get a paint change. The white I picked has hints of pink in it which will really pick up the headboard. 

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  1. Oh my word, I wish I could get my boyfriend to go for that!


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