Thursday, June 20, 2013

beauty thrills

When I get bored (better known as grocery shopping avoidance) I love to wander around sephora looking for something to add to my ever growing beauty collection. My hair during the summer is usually up since I tend to play with it more to get it off my neck when I get hot. The clips and hair ties are PERFECT to dress up the most basic of outfits or to jazz up a dress. I have been wanting to try the surf spray forever, does it really work you think? I love all the borghese products I have ever tried, so I know the body bar will be no exception. 


  1. Ok I'd been wanting the surf spray forever, too, and finally got the shampoo/conditioner/spray in a little gift set, and I kind of love it! When I use it with the shampoo & conditioner, my hair doesn't feel as soft as I like, but added to my normal routine, the spray definitely gives my hair the perfect piecey, beachy waves look! I totally recommend it! :)

    Also, I have the Bobbi beach perfume, and it literally smells like you doused yourself in sunscreen haha. I like it, kind of, but it's a little much to wear on its own, I think!

    <3 The Daily Dani

  2. I'm not a big fan of the hair ties - the ones I've had the knots came out and the ends frayed :(


  3. Oh Sephora, it's such a dangerous place! Love those hair ties and the surf spray!

    xo jen


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