Tuesday, April 9, 2013

downtown meets uptown

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Can we all take a moment to agree how perfect the hair and make-up {not to mention the jewels!} are in this Vogue Spain photo spread.It is the perfect mix of edge and glamour. I must admit something about the bun in the last image is my favorite, although I never say no to big hair! here are a few things to get you started towards getting the look...

eye palette/ curling iron/ nail polish/ brow shaper (I use the charcoal)/ hair wax

which image is your favorite? 


  1. I have to say I'm all about the loose wavy hair, but I love the eye shadow in the last picture.

    Great post, I love beauty posts!


    1. I love the eyeshadow too! I got ambitious and tried to re create it. It didn't go so well haha

  2. uuuugghhh vogue spain melts my heart. if i could i would just more there and read it every day.

    1. I had never looked at it until I saw these images. It's safe to say I am hooked!


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