Tuesday, March 26, 2013

and he is home {again}

Craig is home! Two months and a handful of emails later, I was blessed to hear Craig's voice yelling that he was home on Saturday night. This deployment was much smoother, thanks to his reassurance that everything was gonna be alright and I had more confidence in myself about being alone. I also remind myself that he is so much safer aboard his submarine than just about anywhere else in the world. I consider myself lucky that my husband is so safe while  serving our country, a fact that not many in the military share. Before I go to complain about deployment or not talking to him for a few weeks, I think about this and instead say a prayer for those serving in dangerous combat zones.  Annnnnd not that I am bragging or anything (okay, I am!) Craig did so, so well on his tests and inspections underway! I am extremely proud of him!

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I might be in and out here for a few weeks, he is already back at work (I tried to tell him I was sick and he needed to stay home with me...cough, cough?) but soon we are going to take off to visit Charleston and make up for all the dates we haven't had!

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