Wednesday, February 20, 2013

room design: living room.

Sorry for missing y'all yesterday! My best friend from college got two days off unexpectedly so she came for a visit. I miss the days when I could cross our shared bathroom to talk and hang out.

I have been thinking a lot about our living room. When we first got married. I wanted to buy. buy. buy and then I got majorly stuck. So I have taken a long time off from thinking about it and now I am ready to finish.  We have most of the major furniture but it needs polishing and re-defining of the space.

My idea for living room is neutrals and navy with pops of bright color. I don't want anything I'll end up not being able to use in another house. So goes the life of a military wife!

The good bones. great pieces gals have me convinced that the demilune table shape is the perfect investment and shape for our house.

Caitilin Wilson pillows are a no brainer! I can't wait to pair them with the ralph lauren ones I already have!

Mirror: Living in Washington gets dark and dreary. I want to add a mirror so I can get more light in the room and make it seem airy. Much like the perfect spring day that we never get up there!

organizational tools: My magazines are stacked but they get dusty (I have to dust my magazines but I will never throw them away!) so I would love the acrylic container as a prettier way to display them. I also find so many uses for trays, I will never turn down one! Especially one in Hermes orange!

A dog bed that I don't try to shove away in a bedroom before company comes. 

Art (flowers, butterflies): We need so much art! We have vaulted ceilings that I love but look especially bare. I love the Kate Spade Things We Love  book, I am considering taking a page or two from there and framing it. The whole book is a work of art! I also have vintage prints to do hang!

what is on the top of your house wish list these days?

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  1. Hello there, Madeleine! I am popping over from your feature on Ashley's blog and I have to say that I am so happy to meet you and your blog :) Your pics are fantastic...I am especially drawn to that orange tray! And I have to ask...where in Washington are you? I am in Seattle, currently living in Fremont :) XO Brynn


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