Friday, February 8, 2013

layer into spring

I am SO ready for spring. The liberty london prints at J.crew are calling my name. I want the jeans the most, but the little girl shoes will end up in my closet as soon as they go on sale. The pattern on the jean is small enough that you could def. pair a print on top. I went for easy solids so it's more of a throw on and go outfit.

My question for you is: Where do y'all buy your boyfriend sweaters from? I really want one but can never seem to find a good selection of them. 


  1. I found some cute boyfriend sweaters on Target's website. They didn't carry them in the store for whatever reason. Love those jeans - a bit pricey but love them anyways ;-)

    Happy Friday & have a great weekend!!!
    World According to Shia

    1. I will look at Target thanks! Yeah, the jeans are pricey. I have found that those kind of items get marked WAY down at j.crew within a month or two. That is what I am hoping for!

  2. I always seem to find them at the Gap! I have a ton, and most of them are all from there. . .



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