Tuesday, January 15, 2013

i love you!

I love writing  and connecting here every day (or almost everyday) but I'll be honest the next week or so is going to be ROUGH! My Nimitz and I are going to be flying back to the east coast to spend some time at my parents' house. I have a lot to get ready to go because we will be gone over a month, packing for myself will be a nightmare and I won't even start on the hoops you jump through to get a dog on a plane.  I hope to be back tomorrow but today organization and meetings are taking priority!

aren't these awesome?!

Happy Tuesday!


  1. Oh man. Getting a dog on a plane :-/ Packing for a weekend can be challenging, much less a month! On the positive note, you'll have fun with your family :)

    1. I am so nervous about my doggie getting on the plane! It is so nerve wracking! Luckily my mom and I wear the same size so I can hopefully steal some of her clothes.... or go shopping if I forget anything!


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