Sunday, January 13, 2013

5 ways to change your day

I am pretty notorious for going from 0-10 on the stress scale. My parents would tell me all the time that I did, now Craig tells me the same thing. In a effort to not get upset over smaller things, I try to stop and identify the problem, step away from it, and come back later. (I cried while buying a plane ticket yesterday.... see my issue)

Here are 5 ways that I change around my day, that don't involve money (although, scientific proof says retail therapy always works!)

1) Take some time with a furry friend. They love you no matter what is going on. 

2) Do a craft project. They are fun but require concentration so you are forced to take your mind off
your problem. (I sewed my way through a deployment, I swear it works)

3. Go to the gym or a run with a friend. You can solve the world's problems 
(ok, just your own) within 8 miles. Best memory, in the middle of a 13 mile run in college, we 
spontaneously stopped for a group hug. That my friends is the best feeling in the entire world, letting 
friends take some of the weight off your shoulders. 

4) Get dressed up and own your day. A strand of pearls and a swipe of mascara can be very empowering. 

5) Stop and enjoy a little indulgence. A cup of tea, your favorite magazine, and a bottle of nail 
polish can make all the difference

pictures: 1,2(I can't find the original source, if you know please let me know!),3,4,5 

What is your favorite way to make your day better?

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