Thursday, December 6, 2012

DIY: mini glitter christmas trees

Mini Trees (I got 22 for eight dollars at Michaels)
Modge Podge
Spray glue

1. Put the green trees in bleach and let sit for about two hours. I would not let them sit longer because the wire started to corrode. Scrub any of the green left off. Toss the ones that are stubborn.

2. Let them dry (I left them overnight) and then re fluff the the trees with a fork.

3. Decide on your glitter 

4. Use the spray glue to lightly coat the trees and shake (this is important!) the glitter on. If you roll the tree in glitter it won't coat the inside of the "branches"

 5. I found that if you want to do silver and gold, it is best to lightly shake white glitter on first to make sure the light green tint doesn't show through. The picture above is after one coat. I would suggest letting the first coat dry and then putting a second coat of glitter on the trees.

6.  After letting the second coat dry, put white glitter in a small bowl, coat the bottom with modge podge, and place the bottom in the bowl to coat the bottom. You might need to move the bowl around to coat it completely. 

Alternative: I didn't do this because it was raining (surprise surprise) but you can also cut the wire away from the bottom plastic piece. You need to then find a think stick outside and cut them into small wood rounds, drill a hole, and re-glue the wire inside the wood round (example)

The final product! Not bad for $8 dollar trees!

I have one more small project (think 10 minutes) to share with you.  I am all out of Christmas crafts! 
I would love to hear about your holiday crafts!

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  1. This is a great DIY - I wish I had seen it 2 months ago.


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