Wednesday, November 28, 2012

say what?!

Craig came home tonight and announced that his office party (we call it boat party...oh the navy) and a big holiday dinner with friends are both this week. Say what?! Not that I should be spending more money  (I have dropped some serious money this week on Christmas) but I was really looking forward to some accessories for my little black dress and new J.Crew top. Let me tell you what I had in mind....

this is the black dress I am planning on wearing.... It needs more accessories this time. (and a house that owns an iron, this is what happens when you visit your boyfriend at college)

Good news I own the top and a very similar skirt (this one is from kohls for 25!), I just have to take it in...myself (crap) The necklace I can get (only 14!). The shoes are still in my virtual shopping cart. Oh, the bow and earrings. I have my work cut out for me! 

Any suggestions for the little black dress? 


  1. definitely add a statement necklace to the black dress and maybe a fun pair of shoes, it'll spice it up!



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