Sunday, November 18, 2012

one more great gift for the guys

Yesterday Craig and I spent a few hours in Seattle to get stuff for Thanksgiving (I am that dedicated to William-Sonoma!). As I was making a beeline for J.Crew, the Art of Shaving caught his eye. I have wandered in over the years but never realized he hadn't been in. Well, he had the same look on his face that I do when I walk into Sephora!

Sandlewood was our favorite!

He has to shave everyday to stay in military regulations (which is kinda like us getting our legs waxed everyday yikes!) and his skin is always irritated. So after talking, smelling, and watching his face light up, we decided on the $60 starter set. It is perfect for the submarine and it still lasts up to 6 months. If he doesn't like it, well, it adds up to all the lipsticks I have worn once and hated.

 Perfect stocking stuffer? I think so! If you are convinced your guy will use it, the full size kit lasts over a year and the brush is a big bigger.

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