Thursday, November 29, 2012


I have been wearing more make-up since we have moved to Washington. Mostly because it is fun and I have to get dressed in order to be productive since it is always grey outside. I am also not comfortable with my "irish roots". My dad's side of the family is super pale (and freckly!) while my mom's side has much darker skin. I have been lucky to stay tan year round for the past half decade but now I am remembering what is like to have super dark-almost black hair and pale skin.


Lately lipstick is my favorite thing to pick up at the drugstore but today I took the plunge and went to Sephora to pick up a more expensive tube for the holidays

and let me tell you I did research:
Here are some of the questions I asked.

 1) which brand is the best for my money? (this is important, I wasn't going to buy something more expensive for the label)
2) what is the difference between sheers, matte, satin, stains, etc? I was pretty sure from magazines and experience but I wanted to really know which type would be the best for me
3) How should I prep for my lipstick? ie. how can I make my lips look good all day 

They were nice and very patient with all my questions. My only regret that I went with no make up on (It was a before gym pit-stop!) so I couldn't really see what looked like as a complete look.

I wanted something that I could wear to holiday parties but would also be easy enough to put on to run errands. I ended up with Make up Forever Rouge Artist Intense 32. It was soft going on and didn't run a lot. It is the perfect shade of pink that looks extra pretty with gloss on top. Overall, I am glad I went and asked a ton of questions so now I have a better idea of what to get from the drugstore. I really want to go back for the perfect shade of red next!

What is your perfect shade? Any tips on how to get my lipstick to stay in place better? I am all ears!


  1. I'm a lipstick fiend. I love coral crush by Revlon, and Morange by Mac. I always gravitate towards coral-ish colors.

    Tips: Scrub your lips with sugar to get dry skin off. Put foundation over your lips and put a light chapstick on before you put the lipstick on. Another route is to put lipliner on the outside AND fill in so when your lipstick wears off there's still color!

    Champagne Lifestyle on a Beer Budget

  2. Aghhh I love lipstick! Make-up forever is definitely a good brand, and so is the sephora collection. Love that lipstick art print too!

    1. Thanks for the tip! Do you have a favorite color?

  3. I have tried to take the lipstick plunge recently, too! I'm with you on the pale skin and dark hair... maybe I'll go to Sephora and do what you did so I'll feel more confident about which one I choose instead of just picking one up at CVS.

    1. Do it! I had so much more confidence when I was wearing the lipstick last night at a party because I knew I didn't look like a fool! haha


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