Tuesday, November 20, 2012

DIY: make your own "celebrate" banner!

I wanted to dress up my bar area a little more so I made this banner last night! At the very bottom you will see the downloads for the banner pieces

You will need: 
    images (all files are jpg., print in full page)
    Gold Paint or Paint Pen
    Gold Curling Ribbon
    paper in your choice of colors

Banner Letters:
 1: print out the images on the paper color of your choice and cut them out. 

 2: either use the paint pen or paint to go over the letters that are in light grey. I did about three coats to make it really gold. 

  1: Loop (I looped it around a narrow kitchen drawer, which made it easy) curling ribbon around as many times as desired for the tassel ends.

2: pinch the loop in the middle and tie with another piece of ribbon. 

3: Pull the two loops downward and twist the top (it will make the tassels spread more). Secure with tape.

4:cut the loops and now you have tassels!

Putting it together: 

1: hole punch about a quarter inch in (just in case the paper rips a bit) on the top of each piece of paper
2: tie each letter to the next. Don't run the ribbon through the entire back! It won't be as sturdy!
3: add the tassels in between each letter
4: You are done! Go have a cocktail!

Downloads: These are going to open in google docs! Let me know if that doesn't work for you and I'll email you!



  1. This is a fantastic idea! I love the photos and the result is so gorgeous! I will definitely try to make this when the occasion comes! Looking forward to more of your DIY's! <3

    The Style Moodboard

    1. thank-you! it made thanksgiving a little happier!


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