Monday, October 22, 2012

mixed interests

Do y'all ever find yourself torn between spending your extra money between clothing/accessories and decor for your home? I go through phases of exactly that. As soon as the weather turned all I wanted to go out and buy chunky knits. Now that it is getting closer to the holidays I want to get cozy blankets and lamps for the short days ahead. What is on your wishlist as we head into the holidays?

h&m skirt: I would actually love to have this in black! How pretty would that be for holiday parties?!

ralph lauren lamp: you will fall over when you see the price online. Homegoods has similar lamps from Ralph Lauren that are a fraction of the price. I figure pay a little more and have them forever!

Zara Heels: Brand new and already sold out. These heels are everything! I am buying them the moment they get back in stock. (they are just as cute as j.crew's and a fraction of the price!)

inslee designs: so many to choose from. I want these pretty ladies all over my house. I need to decide!

L.L. bean wool blankets: how cozy for the holidays!

Who is buying the Taylor Swift CD today? I want to say no, but I don't think I can!

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