Tuesday, October 16, 2012

counting down

1-3. We have an unique situation in our house that all four of our parents were born within two weeks of each other and also in December so budgeting is really important because we are buying double gifts. I have set aside a certain amount of my paycheck every week with a goal of two gifts per week until Thanksgiving. Remember to think about taxes and shipping when considering budget. 

5. I notice yesterday when I was at Costco that there was a ton of non-perishable holiday goods on MAJOR sale. Picking up things like baking goods and liquor now can make a big difference later. 

6&7. If you look at some of the fine print below beautiful tablescapes many dishes are thrifted. start looking now so you aren't forced to pay too much later. Also, get a head start on Etsy! That way you have a better selection of decor. . 

8. Don't forget to do this for paper goods (Christmas cards, gift tags, etc) as well!

9. Don't get caught off guard by the unexpected house guest!

10. We are twenty something, your parents, friends, family do not want you to go into debt over their presents. Remember that! 

These are just some things that I learned from last year. Feel free to leave me some tips!

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