Thursday, September 27, 2012

where does the week go!?

Sorry for the late post today! Happy Afternoon (evening for you east coasters!) I guess I should take three steps back and tell you what has been happening in our house this week. Nimitz is really stressed out about being the man of the house. It has resulted in a trip to the vet, a new pair of glasses for me, and  a few tears.So in addition to starting to work, I barely sit down in my own house. I feel bad because he is as sad as I am about our favorite guy being gone but I also cant let him walk all over me. I thought I would share some advice I got from my vet, dog trainer, and friends with pets in case it happens to you!

1. Don't get stressed out! Your pooch will feed off of it and the behavior will only get worse
2. There is no such thing as too much exercise for your dog.
3. Try to find a new schedule that fits for you AND your dog. (example: Nims got mad and wouldn't let me eat without him barking, so now I feed him when I sit down to eat)
4. Don't get too upset with them. They are adjusting too!
5. Keep certain toys in a hall closet and if you know there are certain times of the day they get stressed (the evenings for nims) pull those toys out before the behavior starts to distract them.

Finally here are some toys that have been suggested to me by some dog professionals!

  Kong Genius , treat ball (I put his food in here so it gives me more time to eat), tug a jug, Busy Buddy Bone, Elk Antler. Tuffie Toys (our favorite plush toys!)

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