Monday, August 27, 2012

shopping for fall...

I still haven't found a job and while I had many a daydream of getting to buy the latest trends off the rack with my first real paycheck; it  is not going to happen. As I was perusing the sale section of j.crew last night I was surprised to see so many items that were perfect for fall and that I can't wait to scoop up when I start subbing.

oversized merino sweater: perfect with leggings, boots, pixie pants, possibilities are endless!

striped hoodie: Perfect for weekends of pumpkin patched and corn mazes. Add a blazer on top for polish

Dream yoga cardigan: part cashmere (read: get in my closet) add a wide belt, minnie pants, and ballet flats; you will take it much further than the yoga studio

Bennett Crop Chino in Snowcat: I have been obsessed with these since I saw them in the style guide. Seeing Rachel wear them made them a must have for fall

Minnie Pant in Stretch Twill: Best skinny trousers I have found. They go with everything but my favorite is with a polished button down and flats

Crepe Pleated Skirt: I love the color. I want to pair it with opaque tights, my riding boots and a chunky scarf

T-strap ballet flats: I already have a pair of flats in this color but I love the chain detail, it will make everything dressier 

Edie Wallet: Well I can't afford a new purse but this would be cute to take around this fall

Two- tone Belt: the minnie pants stretch out in the waist after one wear (and they are dry clean only) add a belt! 

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  1. You sub? I teach too! I love using my money for a few *necessary* purchases!


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