Wednesday, July 18, 2012

craiglist score

Sorry for not stopping by yesterday. I kept saying I was going to clean my house...but I didn't. Here is to trying again today. But I did find a great craigslist find!

We didn't buy any furniture in Charleston because we knew we were moving so soon. Therefore our TV was mounted on the wall and with a crappy bookcase underneath it. Since we moved here our TV is on a shaky little table that Nimitz's regularly runs into and I pray it doesn't fall over (Craig does, he is campaigning for a bigger TV) So  enter my inspiration for a new console :

something pretty and interesting that dresses up the room that everyone sees when they walk in the house.
I would take a picture but refer back to my second sentence.

SO yesterday, I found a nine drawer Drexel Heritage dresser for under a $100!!!! Which was much cheaper than I budgeted for but it also needs to be dressed up.

My Overlay's has so many options that I am going to struggle to decide which one to pick. 
I think I am also going to paint it white with details on top. I am in the process of changing my color palette for the living room. I tried to go with less girly colors but now Craig is embracing my neutrals with pops of color idea so I am jumping in! 

all images via my pinterest 

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