Tuesday, May 1, 2012

april in iPhone photos: Day 1

Wow it has been awhile! I feel that this blog has been one of those things that I keep thinking I will sit down and write something.... and then it is time to go to bed. So what have I been up to? A jaunt to Auburn, a Collins' wedding, beach time, sewing, and making a huge mess of my parents' house. I believe the best way to avoid missing someone too much is to stay REALLY REALLY busy. So I only have a project going on in every room of the house. I also have to clean it up by tomorrow night because I am heading back to Washington!  So enjoy some pictures until I get my act together and tell you about all my fabulous finds for our new house. OH and if you have been dying for a garden stool like I have, go check your local Ross. I found mine for $50 dollars.

Another great find: Pastel Jeans from Loft. They had a great sale this weekend
and I got mine for $36. they are a great substitute for J.crew's colored jeans
that I am still lusting over. 

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