Wednesday, February 15, 2012

valentine's day recap.

Can anyone tell that we have been going on a lot of dates lately? We both have nothing to do because we thought we would be gone last week; however, the navy had other plans. We went to Rue de Jean, a French restaurant downtown. It could not top our all time favorite restaurant, La Chaumiere, thebestplaceyouwillevereatandneverforget in Georgetown, but it was not a bad try. If you ever happen to come to Charleston, go and order the mussels in a veg table cream sauce. Heck, make it your meal because they give you close to three dozen in an appetizer. Oh, and make sure you have the victoria secret martini while you are at it!

via instagram

dress: Tory Burch, found on the sale rack at Gwynn's
kate spade shoes; found on the sale rack at TJmaxx and marked
down three times! 

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