Tuesday, February 14, 2012

alligators, vodka, and wine.... oh my!

Last week husband and his friends planned a triple date (plus Ian!) for us girls. There aren't many times in life that you can find seven friends with nothing to do on a Wednesday to go drink, feed alligators, and savor the last days of Charleston.

meet charlie, the officer in charge of complaints on base. 

no one complains.....

After we fed Charlie and his babies, we headed out to Firefly Plantation to sample the wine and the vodka.

which resulted in us buying more wine and having a couple drinks on the porch. Not bad for a Wednesday afternoon, right?

the couple bottles of wine made the tire swing a WHOLE lot more fun, even Craig wanted to try.

this was not as cute as it looks. he was crushing my foot and I was screaming the whole time for him to get off of it.

We finished the day at the Angel Oak Tree. People often say it is a "must see" when you are in Charleston. They are lying. There is a tree almost as big downtown behind the Circular Church. Don't be fooled.

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