Friday, February 10, 2012

an afternoon date in iPhone pictures.

Craig passed his last test of submarine school last week (after everyone waking up really early  because we were so nervous!) which of course called for a little celebration. Nothing says celebrating to us like afternoon margaritas; so we headed down to taco boy.  We snacked on gourmet tacos , celebrated the end of a long road, and toasted our future in Washington.  We met the patron who drove flew a helicopter to lunch! We decided that was the definition of arriving in style! Then, of course, I took advantage of Craig's great mood and asked him walk King Street with me so I could do a little window shopping.

via instagram 

by all means make fun of my Donald Trump comb over.

fried chicken taco

Louis Vitton window.... a cherry on top for spring!
King Street in the background
 Nimitz is going to my parent's house this weekend until the middle of March, so you can fully expect an entire post to him next week. I am going to miss my puppy! Also, if you have thigh and butt issues, like me, Gap has a great pair of khakis (in fun colors!) that actually fit! (25% off until midnight) Have a good weekend!

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