Tuesday, January 3, 2012

new year. new adventures.

Sorry for my absence last week, after finding out the news about Washington I decided to spend a few extra days at my parent's house in Florida just in case I don't get back there in the near future.... and of course the internet crashed.

Recap of last year: I student taught, planned a wedding, graduated, visited Rhode Island, Pennsylvania (Lilly  Sale!), Connecticut, Virginia, Maryland, Florida, Colorado, Texas, Mississippi, and Georgia, got married, honeymooned in Aruba, moved into our first home, got a puppy, ran a marathon, cooked my first Thanksgiving, had our first married Christmas,saw my first submarine, and found out we are moving to the West Coast!

While I am pretty sure that not many years in my life will top 2011, 2012 is looking like it will be giving it a run for its money. Here is what is in store.

2012: Craig graduates from Sub School, go on a Paris/London adventure (fingers crossed!), Atlantic- Pacific road trip (complete with all american stops),  move to the West Coast, become a homeowner (maybe, not sure), conquer Craig's first deployment (coming March 2012), get a big girl job, get another dog, have a fully decorated master bedroom, and of course attend lots and lots of weddings!

New Years Resolutions: 
1. start back on weekly letters.
2. drink more water
3. read the news everyday.

Thanks for reading my spastic crazy blog. Get ready for some big adventures and big style!

The lilly online sale is today!

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