Monday, January 9, 2012

2012: the plan so far

I have told y'all that we are moving to Bangor, Washington and then there has been some radio silence. Between going home to my parents house and trying to sort through all the emotions (excited, nervous, sad) of moving to the West Coast and the changes this new duty station will bring, husband and I were a bit slow to actually make decisions. Oh, and that little detail of whether Craig would be deployed to sea on the USS Henry Jackson when we rolled up to our new home. The decision came yesterday with a yes, he would be leaving when we got there.  And the decision was made that I would go home to Florida and spend those 72 days with my parents and grandparents.

SO life is about to be thrown into chaos (once again): 
 The grand plan, which I feel like I need a world map with moving arrows to show.

-We will be moving out of our first abode at the end of the month and say good bye to our possessions until  June.
-We'll stay with Craig's parents down the street for a week and a half until he graduates!
-My parents will take my things home and my puppy
-Then we will be flying to Ramstein, Germany,take the train to Paris (perhaps on Valentines Day!), then on to London for a few days, then back to Ramstein to fly to Charleston.
-We will then gather our things in Charleston and start on our 3,000 mile journey to Washington State, stopping along the way in Chicago and Yellowstone.
-Get to Washington, spend a week exploring and finding a house to buy and if that fails find something to rent
-Say good-bye to Craig and seeing/hearing him for three months. He takes a helicopter to somewhere in the Pacific to meet his sub.
-fly back to Florida to stay with my parents for awhile.  Hopefully get some sailing/scalloping/crabbing in.
-Drive back to Washington in my car with my dad and Nims to get the house in order before Craig comes home.

Oh, have I mentioned that we also have two siblings (my brother, Brendan and Craig's brother, Ryan) with weddings in February and April?


  1. wow, sounds like quite a crazy first half of the year! living in the pacific nw will be amazing.


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