Monday, August 1, 2011

game changer.

August is looking like the biggest month of change my life has ever seen. We officially finished my parents' house about a hour ago and are moving in this week. We also only have 13 days until we get married. Then we honeymoon, come back, get packed, do some paperwork to make me Mrs. Craig Schaefer on everything important, move to Charleston......and then we rest. Not bad right? hah. But as it is officially wedding season starting today and come hell or high water, I will enjoy myself. I will also try to stop making my bed time 3 am like it has been and be more productive during the day.
August brings new agendas, which of course I am always in favor

one of my many late night projects. 
Oh, and I have successfully finished honeymoon shopping as well as picking up another Lilly dress for the rehearsal dinner.  (yes, I already had one,but it was 70% off and fabulous....Craig is an enabler when it comes to Lilly.)   I'll be blogging tomorrow about Momma #2 coming in town!
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