Tuesday, June 14, 2011

so much to do.

I can't help to think what life will be like after the wedding. No I am not talking about living with Craig, but what will I do with my time?! I also need to get my butt in gear and start marathon training in addition to finishing up this wedding.

Here is the final list....
1. Table runners for guest table and dessert table. 
2. Mason jars for trees and dock
3. programs for ceremonies.....would love some ideas for this.
4. Chairs- wedding coordinator is working on this
5. Finish dessert platters. 
      - Thinking that I would have family/friends bring trays they have and such. Many of them have lived in     Europe (military) and have crystal out the ears
6. finish the "LOVE is SWEET" sign. (having cousin finish this....she was looking for something to do)
7. meet with Lauren 
        - find wedding shots that I like to show her things I have in mind / Gather list of "must" pictures 
8. decide on hair style/ make up. Set up appointment for trial run
9. Pick up veil (Maid of Honor said she would do this) 
10. rent suits/ pick up ties. (ties- an excuse to go to j.crew)
11. finish bridemaids' gifts. 
        - I lost part of it....my bad. Have to look for it
12. Figure out who is reading and which cousins will alter serve
        - we will need to see who is coming.
13. meet with church musicians; discuss music
          - full catholic mass requires lots of music... maybe ask the grandparents, they hit up church like three times a week 
14. meet with DJ via phone to discuss music
          - I'm tone deaf..... left this to Craig and Kaitlin to decide
15. finish honeymoon shopping
         -I spent an ungodly amount of money at Lilly.... I might need to cut myself off
16. finish invitations
           - should be going out on Monday at the latest. Mom took a quick trip so she has to finish addresses.
17. get RSVPs back and make table arrangements. 
        - Twinner is requiring his best friend to sit at the head table because he wants a friend.....He said this in front of his girlfriend of 5 years who is also in the wedding party. 
18. pack for honeymoon
      - my "organized" bridesmaid is coming a week before the wedding. She packed my entire wardrobe for college (2 closets and a dresser). Hopefully she can help me. 
19. Order Craig's wedding gift. 
20. Engrave his wedding band. 
21. get my earrings changed from clip ons to post. Have them repair one of the earrings. 
22. Figure out nail color for wedding. 
       - possibly try gel nails prior..... see if they are really worth it. 
23. practice walking in my heels 
       - Dad's comment from last night, " you aren't walking like you belong on the street corner so much anymore" so much moral support.
24. figure out food for wedding. 
25. pick up oreos for dessert table
26. order surprise. 
27. Bridesmaids' luncheon. 
28. photo booth

That's all I can think of for now..... If I do an item a day I'll be done in a month! only that is not realistic at all. 

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  1. #22 Try Shellac, new 14-day nail polish that is like Gel nails. Aylin had it for prom, and it was great.


    Have Fun!


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