Thursday, June 23, 2011


I hate when I have so much to do that I just sit because I don't know really where to start. That is how I have felt  so far this week. The invitations were such a big relief, but the date is getting closer. Lord knows I need to lay off on the cookies and junk food starting just about now. (totally failed on this last night, mom moved the dessert to the front of the fridge.) My momma's best friend (also referred to as Mom #2)  is coming this weekend to help with the sewing projects so I am hoping that it kicks my butt in high gear.

The project that I am most excited about is the tablecloth for the cake table. I posted this photo back in February but didn't think much of it until last week. I was trying to decide how to incorporate it into the reception and this seemed to be subtle and appropriate to make the cake table "pop" a little more.

The question is do I do all white or have another color underneath like they do? 

P.S. I got Tory Burch sunglasses on super sale at TJMaxx. Don't you love when you find something like that?

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