Tuesday, June 21, 2011


The invitations are done. It has been a long process that started Memorial Day weekend and got done this morning around 1 am, which is why you haven't heard from me until now. I took a nap between jobs and I feel SO much better. 
My mom did all the handwriting, which came out so well. The only thing was we had to be super careful to not smudge the writing. We were not always successful

One downfall with this design, it costs an extra 17 cents in postage because the string cannot go through the machine. Terese, did you have the same issue? So the local post office and I had a couple converstations about the best way to do postage. We could have done two 44 cent wedding postage, however, I felt it would have been overkill. As a history major, I thought George Washington was a very appopriate choice (this is the same portait that is hanging in the National Potrait Gallery in D.C and bought back from an English family for a couple million) and the color ended up looking great on the envelope and I thought he added character to the invitation.

These are the invitations. I need to thank a couple people. First off, Terese, you are amazing for coming up with this design and helping me with the tags. I saw these on stylemepretty and I knew that I had to have them. My cousin Danielle and MOH Kaitlin, for the friendly reminders that I am a slave driver and helping me out with everything from postage to tying bows. My Daddy for embossing the enevelopes after you went to work AND worked on building your dream home....we should call you St. James.

I am so excited for everyone to see them! i am also secretly excited that I NEVER have to see them again, except to admire them
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  1. Hi Madeliene,

    We just received the invitations. They are amazing. Your hard work paid off. Nice handwriting, very elegant envelope, but inside a very stylish yet practical invite with all the relevant info. I especially liked the seal on the envelope and am impressed that my own brother helped. He and Ibrahim have stories to share about amazing things that they never imagined doing until their daughter asked ;-) .

    Look forward to the big day. Thanks for inviting us.


    Aunt Margaret


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