Tuesday, May 17, 2011

pretties and updates

see the wedding dress in the window? so pretty

and for the update portion: 

The wedding cake is designed and it is so pretty not to mention delicious. There are seven flavors (peanut butter chocolate, chocolate pistachio, amaretto, french vanilla, plain chocolate) I am so pumped. She sets aside a slice of every flavor for the bride and groom. What I really want to say is she is going to set set aside a slice of every flavor for me, because I'm not sharing. Cake does not apply to the "What's your's is mine" part of marriage. The cake itself has sugar pearls and sparkles on it with a big flower on the bottom in all white. 

I am not getting this but this is one of the cakes she made, she is AMAZING

In other news, I decided to bedazzle the table numbers last night and I am so happy I did, they add just the right amount of sparkle to the table. 
these are the numbers you put on mailboxes, with spray glue and some very fine glitter
Up next; dress alteration today. Pray for me, I know nothing about this lady but someone said she was good. I am only getting the bottom altered right now because I need to alter my top also known as stop eating everything in sight.  Then I will be spray painting frames and figuring out the table runners. 

PS. laptop is back. I will be blogging more now

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