Thursday, March 24, 2011


Spring Break Project #1 (fine...its the only one I did)

The Thank you sign for the wedding pictures. They were really easy. I used paper from paper-source because I really wanted them to show up against the girls' dresses. Then I just found  really think font and blew it up to 760 pt. (yes that is the actual font, took forever to figure out how to fit it) and traced them onto the paper and cut them out. I them backed them on foam board, as my fingers went numb from cutting it I realized there is a better way to do this. A way that at 2 am did not really matter to me. But if I would do it again this would not be it. 

Something weird is going on with the "N" because it seems midgety (not a word but really just go with it) so I figure if I give it to a really small person it really won't be that small looking. OR I could just make it again, we'll see where my motivation is at. There are some really cute pictures of me doing this but for your sake I'll keep them off. 

I wouldn't mind living in a house with lots of purple

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