Monday, March 14, 2011


News update: Stupidity has a price and I am paying it. I am so burnt from my weekend at the beach. On Saturday I was super excited to go to the beach so much so that I missed that all important step. Sunscreen. I spent five hours on the beach with none on and I haven't seen the sun since September. Luckily my face is saved and I was wearing a strapless top. Other than that I am so fried.

So no beach for me, BUT Lilly stores are having a sale today for "March Madness" (these people speak to me, turning a sporting event into a shopping event) and so I am heading out there to check it out. So many events coming up that Lilly is a must. 2 bridal showers, my graduation, my twin's graduation, wedding activities, and a honeymoon. Thank goodness their collection is AWESOME this year. 

(And pictures for some reason aren't coming up here today, work on that later for y'all)

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