Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Patty the Flower lady

We ordered our flowers over the course of my month off. I was shocked to realize how easy it was to make some choices. This meeting started off great because we were on time. Our wedding meeting place seems to be the local McDonald's in Niceville. I know what you are thinking, but this is the classiest joint in Nice ville that is open all day and has coffee. I mean how many McDonald's have you gone to that ask if you would like refills?

Moving on. Patty was really straightforward with us the entire time and not trying to get us for all we are worth. This make things SO much easier when you are working with vendors because you aren't sitting there worrying about how much you are spending you are enjoying yourself.

Things that made Patty a fabulous lady:
1) she suggested that since Craig can't wear a boutonnière none of the groomsman should. She says they will look out of place. I like this because honestly how many guys really care if they have a flower stuck on their shirt, jackets are going to be thrown off, and its gonna save us over a hundred bucks.

2) Corsages. Nice,but no thank  you. Mom has opted out of her corsage in favor of a bouquet that will be given to the statue of Mary during the Mass. My Grandmothers will have them, even though I can already see MeMere asking why she has to.

3) She was really honest about the church. Do you know how you see all those weddings with the church overflowing with flowers? Yeah well they aren't Catholic. Catholic Churches tend to be strict about what you are and are not allowed to put in their churches.

Things that maybe stressed me out.

1) She mentioned Hurricane season. uhhhhh Start praying now. Even though everything is inside, the Air Force bases are the first to shut down in an event of an possibility of the hurricane

2) She declared the other Catholic Church that I decided not to get married at lovely. For about two minutes there she had me changing the wedding to the other church. Don't get me wrong I love the church I am getting married at, but she was mentioning architecture of the other church and I was getting visions.  In reality St. Mary's has more meaning AND it is already taken care of.

Which brings me to another Mom/Daughter heart-to-heart:

Mom: DO you really want to change it to Christ our Redeemer?
Me: Maybe....Craig really liked it (my scapegoat for everything)
Mom: Well you know St. Mary's has a really long aisle to walk down and it captures all the attention.
Me: Mom, I don't want to be the center of attention
Mom: Bullshit Madeleine

She really shows her true feelings about me through these conversations.

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