Sunday, December 26, 2010

flowers flowers flowers

Sometime around 5 pm as I was wandering through J. Crew (great pants there by the way) I realized I was meeting the florist in the morning and I had NOTHING to show here.

These are my ideas:
1) gerbera daisies. Why? They have always been my favorite. I used to get a new pot of them every year and  my Mom puts them in my room with candy when I come home from college. They also can stand up to Florida heat.
2) I do not want a ton of flowers at the wedding. I also want candles
3) Dare I say I like Tulips too?
 Yup thats all I got so I decided I am just gonna throw a bunch of pictures up here for ideas

Image #46476

Image #94086
love the color and type of gerbera daisy
Image #61197
love this

Image #111868
mixing and matching
like that the mirror has dimension and candles

Love Taper candles
Image #20002

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