Sunday, November 28, 2010


Thanksgiving Morning. Stuffing the Turkey.
An unflattering look of things to come

Oh. my. goodness. Still so full. Pretty sure I gained a pant size this week. I love when my dear (mean) friends come up to me and laugh saying I am going to have to change my eating habits to be ready for this wedding. No, all  I need is for my mother to stay away from the stove and the canister of sugar this summer. Otherwise, I'm gonna be as big as a blimp for my wedding.

My mom and Mrs. Schaefer got us an engagement cake! It was a surprise after we downed platefuls of turkey and stuffing. It was Delicious! Rhona, the cake lady made it for my mom as a favor. She usually doesn't make engagement cakes but she made an exception. It was really cute, it was decorated with letters and Gerber daisies and did I mention it was delicious. It was amaretto peach and I have successfully put a piece down everyday since the surprise.

I also suprised Craig with cake tasting samples from my meeting with Rhonda. Well bad idea to give it to him at 2 am after lots of beer and cigars. I watched him eat with his hands and my older Brother making moves to get it from him.

everyone trying to read the cake

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