Thursday, November 18, 2010

save the dates.

Goal: get the save the dates ready during Thanksgiving Break then address  them and send them out over Christmas.

Well there is a lot to do for this goal. One is get our engagement pictures back! I'm hoping to get them by the end of the week, I am pumped! I also need to take all of those addresses that I received and never looked at entered into excel. I do know that I have a lot of home addresses so if they get there by around Christmas it will be perfect!

I'm thinking that a stamp will need to be made on Saturday so I can use them on the envelopes. This one could be Craig's creature. Its a little thing that is somewhere on all my letters. The letters  I send him usually look like a first grader decorated them so we are going with the creature.

Ok so different choices come from My friend Laurel got hers done from there and they were super cute. I might try to look for a stationary place in Destin. Just maybe...

Anyways couple of choices.  Trying to stick with our motif (much better than theme) of mail and letters. There is a postcard one that is really cute
Save the Date Postcards Stamp Overlay - Front : Blue
original choice

Save the Date Postcards Postage Tag - Front : Ore
even has a little stamp thing!

the back of these have a little message that you can write

The next are the regular cards
Signature White Photo Save the Date Cards Schoolyard Crush - Front : Yogurt
bahhaha so awkward
Signature White Textured Save the Date Cards Air Mail - Front : Deep Blue
This one is SO cute. but no where to put the picture

Signature White Photo Save the Date Cards Chic Stamp - Front : Begonia
like the middle

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